At YR Live we love creative technology but we really love making products that are fun & create an incredible reaction from everyone who uses them. We create all our technology ourselves and we are always innovating and developing new ideas for events. 

Everything we do is centered around our state-of-the-art live printing service. We are proud of the list of clients we have worked with, passionate about what we do and we value personal as well as business relationships.  

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The feedback has been amazing, the Tee customisation has been talked about Globally and has gone down great with our consumers.
— Young Ho Choi, Nike iD Manager
We are thrilled to offer visitors the unique opportunity to have access to our famed print archives, and create custom designs to be produced in-store.
— Stephen Ayres, Liberty’s Head of Fashion and Merchandising


YR Live offers a fully scalable and flexible live design and printing service, providing innovative solutions for events ranging from simple one day activations through to world-wide tours. Our HQ is in London but we also have offices in New York and equipment in Dublin and Las Vegas. We provide 'plug and play' products but we also provide creative agency services to support our clients right from planning through to post-event. We can adapt everything we do to all types of events and we are happy to offer all of the following: 

  • Creative consultation


  • Custom software development

  • Custom-branded software and hardware

  • Custom-build furniture to suit your event

  • Event staff trained in design and print

  • Integration with social media campaigns

  • Post-event analytics and reports



We write and develop all our own software so all our set-ups can be customised for any event. Customisation options include everything from uploading a simple logo through to full-scale white-labelled solutions covering: 

  • Custom designed artwork for consumers to create designs with

  • Custom fonts and colours

  • Custom templates

  • Branded user interfaces

  • Branded live-print products

  • Customised functionality

  • Bespoke software development

  • 3D Software



Our digital experiences and products are immersive and super user-friendly. 

Average user dwell time is 3-5 minutes - an invaluable window of opportunity for a brand sponsor or host to fully engage consumers/attendees with virtually zero distraction. 

Almost everything we do is driven by the key consumer trends of customisation and personalisation. Users can share the content they have created via social media, enhancing their own experience as well as amplifying your event and creating an on-line legacy. 

When their content is printed, users are rewarded with a fun (or functional!) product they genuinely like, that they have enjoyed creating and that they are much more likely to use and/or gift to others. This is a universal appeal that covers all demographics and can be applied across a diverse range of sectors. 

I just wanted to confirm what we all already knew, the guests LOVED the new t-shirt printing. In fact I have never seen a queue like it.
— Suzanne Shaw, Google UK Event Producer

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