What is customization?

Customization lets audiences unleash their creativity, turning garments and accessories into one-off items through our fun, easy-to-use software. Customization is exciting, immersive and memorable. Build brand loyalty and advocacy through innovative creative experiences and truly special products.


Your global customization partner

YR offers a complete customization solution. We supply our trademark customization software and design a bespoke installation for your retail or event space. Many clients opt for live production, so audiences can see their personalized items being brought to life on-site through printing, embroidery or engraving. 


Our unique software, years of experience and global team ensure we can offer an end-to-end service and a customization solution to suit your needs.

We put great emphasis on helping you build a lasting relationship with your audience, assisted by GDPR compliant data capture, powerful analytics features and social media integration.


For your brand

Attract new audiences

Enhance perception of your brand

Grow loyalty and lifetime value

For your audience

Enjoy a new, exciting experience

See own creativity brought to life

Make something to be proud of


Design, Print, Love.

The three pillars of the YR customization experience.



Designing with YR’s software is fun, easy and rewarding. Making something truly unique and personal captivates the imagination, creating an immersive and impactful experience.

Audiences can design in a store, at an event, or from the comfort of home via any device. They can select from a library of patterns and images to create unique designs with effects, filters, custom text and colour changes.

Flexible software, many ways to customize productsSeamless journey on any device, on-site or onlineFully brandable software, pre-approved content




A wide range of premium printing and finishing techniques can be integrated into the customization experience live at your venue, or scaled to mass-production level off-site.

Printing, embroidery, vinyling and many more techniques can be applied to a wide range of products supplied by you or us. With live on-site production, audiences watch in real-time as their items are made. Alternatively, we work with you to efficiently fulfil orders through distribution centres or partner factories.

Printed live on site or scaled to production facilityMade-to-order products reduce leftover stockHigh quality techniques on products supplied by you or us

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Making their mark on your product helps customers build a special connection with your brand. Encourage brand loyalty and advocacy through customization.

Whether it’s a physical or an online experience, customization is an exciting way for audiences to engage with your brand and create one-off products to wear or use with pride. Analytics features, powerful data capture opportunities and social media integration also help loyal, long-term relationships grow.

Customized items are always unique and specialAudiences feel closer, more invested in your brandStay connected through GDPR compliant data capture


Refashioning the retail experience

The retail arm of YR can partner with your brand to realize customization at any scale, in-store or online.

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Making events unforgettable

The YR events experts can turn any occasion into a fun and exciting brand experience.