Whilst live screen-printing limits users to selected colour tones and screened templates, live sublimation printing is a limitless print method to maximise output, creativity and experience! Also known as “Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer Printing”, dye-sub is well known for it’s super high quality photographic output. With digitally created designs on our 27” touch-pods and YR built software, guests can create a truly unique design and have it printed live in minutes..

The term sublimation means to heat something up and turn it into vapour, which then forms back into solid. And because the pigments go from solid, to gas and then back into solid, there is virtually no mess in comparison to ink based screen printing. Not only are sublimated products durable and free from peeling after washing, designs can be scaled to a variety of sizes and placed anywhere. The nature of the dye-sublimation printing process means that our instant drying ink vapours are ready to wear immediately! With years of research and experience behind us, we have successfully worked to refine sublimation and deliver striking clarity!How it worksWe use the latest print technology to allows guests to create bespoke product in minutes at any event or retail activation. Our event staff and custom software guides the user through their design and automatically sends their design into a print queue. The dye-sublimation process can be used across a variety of products including t-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, water bottles, mugs, key-rings and more. Each item takes approximately 2-3 minutes to create live.

There is no limit to the size of event we can do. From a small 1 screen single print station to a 20+ print station set up with potential to produce 1,200+ unique items per hour! Choose dye-sublimation, a digital alternative to screen-printing.

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