Controversially perceived as the digital technology of the future, augmented reality is making a mark for itself in the commercial market space by revolutionizing brand experiences and changing people’s perceptions of what they see and learn from their surroundings.

The consumer market has already caught onto this trend with beauty catalysts like WAH making this a prominent feature in their newly launched Soho salon. The main attraction; a Virtual Reality Nail Designer allows customers to try on a VR headset and transport themselves into a ‘candyfloss world’ and customise their nail art must haves along with their skin tone to match.

Photo via Appear Here

Photo via Appear Here

It has been predicted that close to $30 billion will be invested into this new form of technology in the retail sector by 2020. Traditional retailers are now challenged to create content lead experiences that will speak a language our modern day generations will understand.

E-commerce developments are offering a virtual showroom whereby apparel can be tried on live before making a purchase at the checkout. A digital first mindset is a must for a non-traditional generation fuelled by their insatiable love for everything tech and cool.

One of the earlier and more silently introduced augmented reality experiences was the use of Snapchat filters to transform and share yourself across the disappearing photo and video sending platform. Snapchat revolutionised the content we share with each other and simplified the concept of VR into an easily digestible and fun formula which made the tech extremely popular amongst its youthful users and advertising partners. Robert Peck of Suntrust wrote that: “We think Snapchat is evolving beyond ‘just another social media platform’ and could be headed to be the first social augmented reality platform.”

Cutting edge London agency DVTK, the brainchild of David Broner and Kim Boutin explore the terrains of interactive digital design by bringing our real life experiences into the computer world. You may have heard of this design duo from their digital work with Kenzo for several seasons. Their recent collaborative project ‘OKgrl’ breaks all the traditional rules of publishing by creating a world online in this virtual fashion platform. Users can step inside a world of colourful editorial with the click of a button and have the option to flip between cover girls and to take a step into the future with their own fashion footprint.

“This new nostalgia steeped online platform uses high-tech techniques to represent the digital generation.” says Dazed.

“OKgrl is the teen dream magazine for the digi generation.” says i-D.

Whilst commercial consumerism will continue to adopt this virtual trend, it is still a new form of technology which is in it’s infancy of development and recognition. It could be a matter of time before a large percentage of the world has fully converted into the digital perception of reality, but one thing is for sure, these brands sure are ahead of the curve and are understanding the future of what may be next..