We have seen it all, from customised Kit Kats to Nutella jars to Burberry trench coats. Let’s also not forget the internet frenzy of the ‘Share Your Name’ campaign. A tremendous promotional stunt by soft drink powerhouse, Coca Cola.

One other heavy titan in the game of customisation is Nike. With the launch of NIKEiD in 2000, they revolutionised street culture with the way we look at sneakers and how we buy them. The service is no longer restricted to the virtual world however, users can now visit studios across the US, Europe and Asia to live the experience, in real-time.

In New York, if one is lucky enough to be invited into the exclusive NikeiD studio by the ‘Golden Ticket’ (a term coined by sneakerheads from the nostalgic classic ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’), they can access shoes, fabrics and colourways not available anywhere else in the world! With an average turnover of over $150 million out of their 30.6 billion made per year, there’s no denying that customised product will continue to shape the future of consumerism with the benefits of high usability and rich product visualisation.

As we continue to partner with incredible companies all over the world, we are very excited to be a part of growth of the customisation industry and to continue contributing to culture through amazing brand experiences.

Watch this space!

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