Google Allo has just launched a new chat app which turns your selfies into emojis! Now when you take a photo of yourself on Google Allo, the Android app will transform your selfie into an emoji sticker, much like the predecessor Bitmoji, but even better.

Google paired the tech giant’s genius neural network with the carefully executed work from artist Lamar Abram to turn your snap into a uniquely expressive sticker pack. The feature is yet to roll out onto iOS, the only competitive edge Bitmoji have on Google as it stands.

“Taking, sharing, and viewing selfies has become a daily habit for many — the car selfie, the cute-outfit selfie, the travel selfie, the I-woke-up-like-this selfie. Apart from a social capacity, self-portraiture has long served as a means for self and identity exploration. For some, it’s about figuring out who they are. For others it’s about projecting how they want to be perceived. Sometimes it’s both. Photography in the form of a selfie is a very direct form of expression. It comes with a set of rules bounded by reality. Illustration, on the other hand, empowers people to define themselves - it’s warmer and less fraught than reality.”

"The traditional computer vision approach to mapping selfies to art would be to analyse the pixels of an image and algorithmically determine attribute values by looking at pixel values to measure colour, shape, or texture," explained Allo's expressions creative director Jennifer Daniel.

The newly coded Google Allo algorithm makes up more than 563 quadrillion combinations for the customisation feature that creates space for not only different hairstyles, skin tones and facial features but also caters for diversity in race, age, masculinity, femininity and androgyny. Google’s expressions team continue to research further results to help prevent against incorporating biases while developing the new system by creating a broad palette for identity and sentiment.

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