Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI have distinguished themselves within the marketplace for their minimalistic approach to homeware with their no logo, no brand policy.

One thing they have been actively doing for years and doing it well is customisation! In 2015, MUJI launched stateside with their 10,000 sq ft brick and mortar location spread across two floors. It has been become a hot homeware hub in NYC and is said to be one of the closest translations and shopping experiences in comparison to the flagship Japanese locations.

The recently developed fifth avenue store offers exclusive products not available anywhere else in the world. Several offerings for customisation which are either free or low-cost across a multitude of products are what truly sets this store apart from the rest.

The free-to-use MUJI stamp bar allows customers to decorate their stationary or eco-friendly shopping bags with a splash of fun and colour, a fantastic finishing touch to minimal product and a great source of entertainment for the children.

Any textile or apparel item can undergo custom embroidery on site. Muji offers up to 200 designs including several different typefaces which can be digitally embroidered onto any product for as little as £3 per design. Dependant on demand, the service can take up to 3 days.

In the aroma lab, customers can select from 48 oils to create their own custom scent. The staff consult with customers on what aromas pair together best and do all the mixing live on site whilst the customer waits. The scents can be used in one of Muji’s best known products, the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser.

Throughout the store MUJI communicates the idea of freedom to it’s customers to find what really fits your lifestyle. The option for customisation on just about anything you can pick up in store communicates this idea perfectly by transforming their minimal negative space on product into the opportunity to both participate and make something your own.

MUJI Fifth Avenue http://www.muji.com/us/

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